We Listen Better, Plan Better and Build Better!
"We will take note of every detail, while working closely with you to design and build a custom project that meets your quality and budget expectations."
Key to Our Success
Attention to even the littlest of details, no matter how big or small the job is, along with exceeding client expectations and treating every owner and their property with respect is the key to Masterpiece Construction's success.
Licensed, Insured and Bonded
We specialize in Investment properties & Value Engineering. We will work closely with you, and know that you are happy with the work that we do, as we do it. You can be with us every step of the way. If you use us once, I guarantee you will want us to do your next project.

We work fast, and hardly ever run multiple projects. You are our priority until the project is done and you are standing there with a smile.
Top-Quality Projects
Craftsman-style custom homes for discerning owners, where quality is the most important factor of the project, are the projects I most enjoy.
Meeting Budgets
Masterpiece Construction is known for transforming the intent of the design into something tangible. We are a design-build firm, which allows us to meet budgets while still in the design phase.
Our Team
Chris Oxendine
Owner, Licensed General Contractor
Asbestos Contractor
Certified in Lead and Asbestos Abatement
Certified Welder
Michael Leonhardt
Project Manager
Certified in Lead and Asbestos Abatement
Water, Fire and Mold Restoration Expert
Eian Manuel
Construction Supervisor
Journeyman Carpenter
Jet Qi
Jinshi Hawaii Development
Investor and Property Developer
Taby Oxendine
Administration, Manager, Payroll
Dee Asuncion
Real Estate Investment Consultant
Farhana Virk
Architectural Designer
Chang Kim
Structural Engineering Consultant
EverOk Group
International Import Consultant - Hong Kong
Global Logistical Connections
International Import Consultant - US
The Planning Process
  • How long does the plan process take?

    The length of the planning process depends mostly on the size of the project. Clients typically can expect to spend somewhere between 4 to 12 weeks on the Design and Plan phases of a remodeling project.

    Obviously, it will take longer to design and plan a large custom home than a small bathroom or kitchen renovation. Some clients also prefer to explore more material or design options than others.

    Masterpiece Construction agreement is very flexible and can be formatted to fit the needs of each individual client.
  • Will the cost of the project increase once work begins?

    Masterpiece Construction uses a fixed price contract for most remodeling projects. That means the price stated in the contract is the final price that will be paid unless the scope of work changes. By selecting all materials and finishes during the Design phase, Masterpiece Construction can assemble a very accurate budget for any project.

    We will assemble a detailed Scope of Work that describes exactly what is going to happen and what materials will be used in each phase of construction. This allows us to establish a precise Contract Price for each project. However, changes to finishes and materials may still be made by the client once the remodeling or building project begins. Each change is documented, priced, and authorized by the client before the change order is completed.
  • How long will the construction of the project take?

    Construction time is affected by factors such as the complexity of the project, availability of materials, impact on the client's lifestyle, and the time of year. Masterpiece Construction clients are provided with a copy of the project schedule at the completion of the planning phase and will receive updates throughout the building phase of the project.

    Most remodeling and building projects, without any change orders, are completed within a week of the original scheduled date. Occasionally, projects are completed ahead of or behind schedule due to changes in material availability, weather, or subcontractor schedule changes.
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